About Us - Timothy Mullin Media

Our Vision

Hi, I am Timothy Scott Mullin and I am a professional photographer in the South Jersey region.  Together with my wife, I get to capture your moments, your family, your life, and I love it.  

And then, as a solo mission, I am extremely passionate about shooting landscapes and automobiles and the art involved with them.  

We are a Southern New Jersey photography team who specialize in Lifestyle and automotive photography.  

We love capturing your moments.  We also understand the love and passion that people can form with their vehicles and how a vehicle is a expression of ones self.  

I started Timothy Mullin Media in 2009 and it has been a joy to capture the world through the lens of my camera.  

My wife Margo shoots as my assistant often and brings something different to ever shoot.  We love telling your story through the lens of our cameras.  Feel free to contact us with any request big or small. We love new adventures!

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